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February 23, 2013

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We own a modern equipped factory, where we directly manufacture our products.  Own manufacturing is what makes it possible for us to offer customers cutting edge products at the best price.

Through trust-based relationships we assist customers to effectively improve their dwelling conditions, to build premises and constructions for running their business in the shortest period of time by using European technology.  

We serve both private individuals and businesses.

We have extensive experience in building individual residential houses, hotels, offices and warehouses

We offer to build comfortable, sustainable and modern constructions.
The material used by the company is much more beneficial than any other product. Particularly the following:
1.  Built 10 times faster;
2. Warm in winter and cool in summer;
3. More thermally durable than two 1-meter concrete and 0.75- meter brick walls;
4. Has no maintenance period which means it is as strong as a concrete  or  a brick house;
5.  Passes 9 + magnitude earthquake and is far more seismically resistant  than brick and concrete houses;
6. Does not require any special care;
7. Saves your  time, money and energy!